History of wine

Where did it started and where are we now

The renowned alcoholic drink has a long and illustrious history. Archaeologists believe that wine originated in the areas that are known today as Northern Iran, Transcaucasia, and Eastern Turkey. According to experts, this drink was consumed more than 8000 years ago in this region.

Several philologists trace the word "wine" to a variety of different origins. There are many hypotheses about the origin of this term, but none have been definitively established. Since the earliest evidence of winemaking was discovered on Georgian soil, the origins of this word are also almost certainly Georgian.

An ancient winery site in Armenia, grape residue found in clay jars in Georgia, and indicators of grape domestication in eastern Turkey are all examples of early wine production evidence dating from 6,000 BC to 4,000 BC. We still haven't figured out where wine comes from, but we think we know who manufactured it!

The Shulaveri-Shomu people (also known as the "Shulaveri-Shomutepe Culture") are claimed to have been the first to make wine in this region. People used obsidian for tools, bred cattle and pigs, and, most critically, produced grapes throughout the Stone Age (neolithic age).

What is a fairytale?

The history of wine in truth and myth

Each Mediterranean nation has its own mythology about the origins of wine. Basically, they claim that the gods invented this drink. There are about 500 tales about wine in the Bible. According to contemporary experts, grapes were first cultivated in the area of ​​present-day Turkey and Georgia about 8,000 years ago.

And when it was discovered

Where was the ancient wine?

In the area of ​​present-day Iran, vessels at least seven millennia old have been discovered in which this drink had been petrified. Immediately afterwards, the grapes were planted, which formed the "ancestor" of the species used in modern winemaking. At the same time, winemaking rapidly expanded throughout the Mediterranean and adjacent regions. Armenia is home to the oldest winery in the world, dating back more than 6,000 years.

The origin of it all

The wine culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans

About four millennia ago, the ancient Greeks began mass-producing this drink. Wine soon established itself as the main export product; it was used for medicinal and ceremonial reasons, as well as being consumed for breakfast. For the Greeks, this drink evolved in the center of their civilization. They thought that anyone who refused to drink this drink was a barbarian.